Saimona Creation Company’s mission is to inspire children & women to dream, explore, think, and Empower.

We bring stories to life in a way that encourages dream about who they are and may become, to explore story from different perspectives, to think using inductive reasoning, and to connect to other people and ideas.

Our programs encourage to question and explore how to live in a complex world so that they grow up healthier, smarter, and kinder.


Saimona Creation aspires to transform young audiences into creative, curious, and compassionate adults.


  • Originality
  • Imagination
  • Transformation
  • Community

We Believe that Theatre has the power to illuminate, transform, and heal.

We have a responsibility to nurture, honor, and respect the imagination of our audience. Fables, fairy tales, and myths stimulate intuitive thinking and encourage the possibility of mystery and magic in our lives.
Theatre can create community by bringing together a diverse audience encompassing all ages and backgrounds.

We have a responsibility to reach out to families who may not otherwise have access to the unique kind of artistic and educational experiences that we provide.

How we work with one another matters.

Creating a working environment that encourages collaboration and creativity enables artists and staff to be fully self-expressive including younger performers and staff in our ensemble keeps our work vital and ensures its continuity.

Our Philosophy :

We seek to be a catalyst for theatre – we were set up to promote and inspire professionalism in theatre, and we continue to work with that objective in mind.

Underlying everything we do – bringing it all together – that is the Saimona approach, or the Saimona Way:

An open and welcoming attitude.

  • A realistic sense of theatre in the country,
  • To subsidise and promote aspiring and deserving stage artists, technicians, researchers, etc.
  • To host and conduct workshops.
  • To provide rehearsal and workshop spaces.
  • To create a theatre resource centre and research library.
  • To provide medical and educational assistance to theatre workers and their children.
  • A deep respect for the performance.
  • A belief in other people’s ideas, and in our role as a catalyst, to help those ideas .

If you have a practical idea to contribute to the growth of and interest in theatre; Saimona Creation will mobilize its resources to help you on your way.

Constantly evolving, questioning ourselves and re-evaluating our work.